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Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing, Glazing, and More!

Go the smarter way! Upgrade your cabinets instead of getting a new one, and save up to 75% of your hard-earned money by doing so. 
Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a cost-effective way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. The new look without the new cost.
With our wide selection of colors, coating, and hardware glazing, you can choose from many styles and finishes for upgrading your cabinets in style!

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Brevard County, Florida

Are you looking to upgrade your plain or outdated cabinets, but don't have the budget to buy brand new cabinets?


Smarter Painting can paint and resurface your pre-existing cabinets to make them appear new again! Everything from dirty hands to cooking grease to certain cleaning solutions can cause cabinets to lose their luster, and even damage the protective coating and the stain over time. Sometimes, cabinet replacement may be inevitable, but unless it is absolutely necessary to entirely replace them, the more economic and affordable option is to have them refinished by a professional.

Give your cabinetry the breath of life with a little TLC and a fresh coat of paint! 


You can opt for a more contemporary look, or choose a country style to give your living space a warm, rustic feel, the possibilities are endless! Not sure exactly what you want? We can help you with the design process and color consulting. You can even email us your pictures and design ideas, and we can estimate your job over the phone!

Upscale your cabinets with fine detail and beautiful finishing!


You may be surprised at the woodwork and other cabinet finishings that can bring them back to life, or totally and completely transform them, with a professional painting job. In a case like this, a professional paint job can be a much smarter choice than having to undergo expensive sanding or refinishing, or having to buy expensive replacement pieces.



All of your cabinet doors will be sprayed to ensure that there are no brush or roller marks on. For the actual cabinet shells, or boxes, we either spray or rush and roll the paint on. Once we return to your home, we will cover all outlets and receptacles with tape and/or paper to protect the interiors prior to painting.


Once finished, we will clean up any and all messes we have made, leaving your kitchen with spotless results: Flawless and updated cabinets in 3-5 days, on average, without the hassle of remodeling, and at a very affordable cost!


Here is how it works and what you can expect!


Prior to starting your project, you will consult with our experts to ensure we know what your vision is for the final product. Once we are in your home, we will prep your kitchen, or whatever area of your home the wood cabinets

are in. Our painters are professionals

and promise to always respect you and your home.


Our painting process includes prep work (such as protecting your floors and furniture with drop cloths), removing the hardware and cabinet doors , sanding and applying primer and paint finishes, sand, paint, re-installing the door hardware and re-hanging the doors. We would be more than happy to install new hinges, knobs, handles or pulls for you as well. As a homeowner or business owner, there is no need to go through the hassle of painting or replacing your cabinets yourself. We can take the stress out of cabinetry painting for you! 


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Our "Smarter Painting" Technique

We start each kitchen cabinet refinishing project by removing and relocating all cabinet doors to our specialized facility. We then initiate our highly effective three-stage cleaning process, followed by a bonding primer to ensure the strongest adhesion possible.


Once those preparation steps are completed, we proceed in painting the surfaces with a Zero VOC Acrylic Polyurethane paint in the color of your choosing.


Did you know?

Until recently, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) were essential to the performance of paints. The VOCs caused paints and finishes to release low level toxic emissions into the air for years after application.


Now, with the eco-friendly Zero VOC paint we use, this can be prevented, so if you are working towards a more environmentally friendly green home design, this is definitely the way to go!



Smarter Painting Technique
cabinet painting & refinishing in merritt island

Here you can find all sorts of helpful Tips on painting and finishing, inspiration for your next home improvement project.


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